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Mass production

For larger series of lathe and milling machine commissions, we have 32 CNC machines at our disposal. These machines, controlled by ERP, take care of all demands of our relations during an unmanned machining process on a daily basis.

CNC unmanned lathe work

There are 25 CNC machines ready for unmanned CNC lathe work, with a staff capacity up to 90 mm staff(axis).

Mass products can furthermore be produced, sawed from bars(axes) and milled unmanned with CNC lathe machines, equipped with a gantry robot, 1 CNC front lathe (2 axles) and 2 CNC lathes

CNC milling unmanned

3 CNC machines are available for unmanned CNC milling machine work. Robot loading occurs for 2 machines, Pallet loading for 1 machine.

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