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Metaaldraaierij De Koning BV

The company

Metaaldraaierij De Koning BV is supplier for to-be-machined precision engineering products, for which we use virtually all available machining options in the production process. This way, we work from the starting material up to the final treatment process to provide the product the client desires.

With a staff of approximately 15 people we work in a modern production plant. Our capacity is strengthened by a close cooperation with our sister company “Dekon Metaalbewerking BV” in Zierikzee. Since its establishment in 2007, 6 people have been working in this newly built plant.

The entire production process is guided using an E.R.P. system, making sure that all the staff involved can monitor the progress of an order in all stages of the production process. We continually strive for a flat organisation to keep the costs as low as possible. “Lean Manufacturing” has become a familiar concept, and it is vital to us to say the words as little as possible but to apply them in our practice.

During the entire production process we highly value quality, in conformity with a system based on the relevant ISO norm, emphasising both man and machine.

We supply a large number of clients with precision engineered products from stock, based on agreed-upon conditions. Relations can be found in several branches of industry, such as installation engineering, automotive, maritime, medical, sanitary, offshore, and measuring and control engineering.

The general terms and conditions of the Dutch Metal Union apply to all our agreements, services, deliveries, products and offers. You can download these terms and conditions here.


  • Producing on the basis of the “Lean Manufacturing” concept and “Unmanned” production of series of precision engineering machined products.
  • To service the widest possible range of industrial branches.
  • To offer the possibility to supply customer-specific products from stock on the basis of a mutual “Commitment”.

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